My friend Luciana Masi - culinary connoisseur and a super lady!

My dear friend Luciana Masi runs the very well known and should I say excellent Tuscan Trattoria Casa Masi just outside of Montaione. A wonderfully intelligent woman, Luciana's passion is cooking and everything that comes out of her kitchen has her blessing. She knows exactly what goes into everything and how it is made and is truly a first class cook. A qualified lawyer, Luciana puts her legal mind into her cooking and is a mine of information whether it be technical, cultural or culinary! Truly an exquisite lady and delightful person I am sure that you will adore her videos just as I do! A compilation of Luciana's best recipes and tips will soon be available for our viewers so please do continue to watch us! And when you would like to go to Casa Masi then just let me know and I will also arrange accommodation for you if you have the time to the enjoy the area for a few days!

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