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Hi and a warm welcome to Tuscan Country!

If we know each other then it’s great to see you again and if we don’t then welcome and it's a pleasure to meet you!


After many years and a whole host of splendid adventures working in Italy, I am delighted to bring you Tuscan Country.

For me Tuscan Country is like a treasure box that you dip into every so often to discover what's inside. So if you want to know about Tuscany, visit Tuscany, even live in Tuscany or just get a feeling for the place or see how it's changing, then Tuscan Country may just be for you! 

Check out some highly exciting real estate projects with Tuscan Country Ventures, superb high end villa and apartment rentals and Tuscan Country Living, savvy event management and services through Tuscan Country Events, and our TC Speciality Vacations, make Tuscan Country a really vibrant exciting new place to visit  that I hope you will become part of!  

Having worked over the last 20 years on some of the most interesting and complicated renovation projects on the Tuscan real estate and vacation rental market, and a with a former career in international trade and marketing, I wanted to bring together all the experience gathered over the years to offer you an all encompassing, global service revolving not only, but especially, around tthat much sought after Tuscan and of course Italian Lifestyle!

The Tuscan Country concept offers you a series of highly personalized services second to none. A streamlined, personally run consultancy, built on a serious reputation established not only on the Tuscan and wider Italian marketplace but also internationally. Any business is about its people and all Tuscan Country collaborators and suppliers are high quality, tried and trusted, serious professionals. We have years of experience working together and quite frankly this is our forté and exactly what you can rely on!

So lots of news, a real buzz of activity, Tuscan Country aims to be a fun venture! Dip in - I really hope you enjoy it! 


Please just drop me a line for anything you need, I'll always be happy to help if I can! 




Sarah Phillips



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